Something more to know about the Land Rover Evoque….

Ever since Motor Trend magazine named the 2012 Range Rover Evoque its SUV of the year, a lot of people are finding out why. The Evoque is something of a citizen of the world. Assembled in Halewood England, it includes an engine made in Spain and a transmission manufactured in Japan.  The Evoque is simply one of most luxurious, fun-to-drive small SUVs on the road. It’s styling inside is a blend of high-quality materials and classy design.  The stand apart feature is a standard panoramic tinted glass sunroof that stretches the entire length of the cockpit.

Test drivers have found that driving the Evoque settles a misimpression about a four-cylinder motor not being enough.  Indeed, the torque from the little 2.0-liter turbo is a real kick, rivaled in this segment, only by the VW and Audi turbo-diesels.

The drive is quiet.  Highway travel is very pleasant and while most Evoque’s will never experience it, they are fully equipped with Land Rover all-terrain functions, including all-wheel-drive and traction control.

As Motor Trend says, “Land Rover Evoque hits all the marks. It’s irresistibly stylish and loaded with standard features including Land Rover’s best infotainment system yet. It gets significantly better fuel economy than any other Land Rover product without sacrificing performance; retains an off-road prowess that would embarrass most crossovers; and offers it all in a compact, fun-to-drive, and easy-to-park package.”

The Evoque is the way forward for Land Rover. And while to date, the Range Rover Evoque has been honored with over ninety international awards. This global success has spawned a new concept with an interesting twist: a premium convertible SUV. Introducing the Range Rover Evoque Convertible Concept at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show continues the exploration of new territory in the World of Land Rover.

At present the convertible Evoque is merely a concept, a design study to gauge public response, though the way the automotive industry is these days, with more and more niche products appearing, especially in luxury segments, don’t be surprised if you see it showing up a few years from now.

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